Santa Barbara Independent Review of Objects of My Reflection

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From the Santa Barbara Independent
July 21, 2011
by Elizabeth Schwyzer

ALMOST FORGOTTEN: It’s easy to forget about East and West Faulkner (40 E. Anapamu St.), the two little galleries adjacent to the public library’s main exhibition space. This month, it’s worth re-familiarizing yourself, though.

Through the end of July, West Faulkner is filled with an assortment of family heirlooms à la Antiques Roadshow, all classically rendered in oils. Leslie Lewis Sigler calls this collection of still-life paintings Objects of My Reflection, which is both a straightforward description and a play on words. In the mirror-like flanks of a convex sugar bowl or the polished silver of a vintage coffeepot, the artist captures refracted light and patches of darkness. Is that smear of peachy pink cast by a setting sun, or by the hue of her cheek as she leans in for a closer look?

Sigler’s subjects include old-fashioned cameras, vintage fans, and a china cabinet’s worth of tea sets. She’s interested not just in the classic lines and reflective surfaces of these nostalgic objects, but in the roles they play in our lives—treasured, yet no longer utilized, and often stored away from view. She treats each piece with loving attention, yet pictures them in isolation, standing on flat planes, accompanied by little but their own shadows. “Cameo” pictures a lonely rotary telephone in profile, as if it’s sitting for a formal portrait, while “Revival” and “The Wedding Gift” each consist of four canvases; every pitcher and every teacup occupying a world unto itself. There’s a sadness here, and a world of nostalgic wonder, much like you’d find in an antique store where relics stir ancient memories of places and people long gone and half forgotten. For more about the artist, visit